Hair Transplant Cost in USA: Why Is It More Expensive Than Overseas?

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Hair Transplant Cost in USA | Hair Transplant Cost USA

Hair transplant procedures in the US cost an average of $5.44 per graft, unlike hair clinics in other countries that charge an average of $2.26 per graft. 

In countries like Greece, Turkey, and Mexico, it's even lower. Depending on the body part and the number of hair grafts to be transplanted, a patient could spend between 3000 to 5,000 USD for the same procedure which costs at least 15,000 USD in the United States.

What's more? You get the same quality of procedures and even better post-op care than hair clinics in the US. This article points out alternative locations overseas where you can get cheaper hair transplant procedures without compromising quality or comfort.


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Alternative Countries for Hair Transplants

In the past decades, the US has been at the forefront of most cosmetic surgeries, including hair transplants. But recently, there are other countries that offer better hair transplant services at even lower costs than the US. 

These countries are Turkey, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Mexico. Note that the price of a hair transplant is not just the price of the procedure. The cost of lodging and travel must also be taken into account. The standard of the transplant and the safety of the nation should also be considered.

These countries are the safest locations for hair transplants outside the US, and all have an affordable standard of living.

Hair transplant in Turkey 

According to current statistics, Turkey is growing to be the home of hair transplant surgeries worldwide. 
If you've visited Istanbul Airport, you may have seen dozens of men and women with bandaged heads and luggage looking to board the next flight to their country of residence after an obvious hair surgery session.

As it stands, it's pretty tricky to challenge anyone for coming to Turkey to have their alopecia fixed. Turkey offers the most affordable and advanced hair treatments and procedures worldwide. 

Dermatologists and trichologists in Turkey are setting world standards for hair transplant operations while offering medical tourists an experience to enjoy some of the most wholesome cultures in the world.

Here, the average hair transplant per graft cost is as low as 0.55 USD. Seeing as the average number of hair grafts transplanted is 4000, you get to spend just 2,200 USD to overcome hair loss.


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Hair transplant in the United Kingdom

Unlike Turkey, the UK has some of the world's most expensive hair transplant procedures. Still, it's affordable compared to the US. Because of the clinics' excellent reputation in the industry, there is a significant demand there.

In the UK, hair transplants typically cost between 1,200 and 36,200 USD. For a transplant including 500 – 1200 hair grafts, you might budget between 3,600 and 6,000 USD.

If the hair loss is extensive, you may budget around 6,000 – 10,800 USD for a transplant involving 1280 – 2880 hair grafts.

And in more difficult balding situations, the price may range above 10,000 USD. Compared to the US, you might have had to pay twice as much, yet with lesser quality of additional services.

Hair Transplants in Greece and Mexico

Greece and Mexico have recorded high success rates for hair transplant operations in recent times, regardless of how bad the hair loss was. Both countries offer credible hair clinics for hair transplants at very affordable prices ranging from 1,200 to 9,000 USD.

Unlike Turkey and the UK, which have a lot of experience when it comes to medical tourism, Mexico and Greece are emerging powers in this field, especially in hair transplant. Yet, they offer the best clinics, pre- and post-op medical care, and other services such as accommodation, flight, etc.

Even more, medical doctors in Greece and Mexico are adequately skilled in all hair transplant techniques, including Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).


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Factors that may increase or reduce the cost of your hair transplant overseas

Here are some factors that determine if you'd pay more or less than the average costs of hair transplant procedures overseas.

The extent of hair loss

If you have mild hair loss, it will be less expensive than the average cost to treat a severe case. Sometimes, if you take medicine for your ailment, you will have the edge over others who do not.

Amount Of Grafts

More grafts entail more time and money spent on surgery; therefore, the more you require, the more expensive it will be. The kind and severity of your alopecia may also affect the number of grafts needed.

Number of sessions 

The price of hair transplantation also depends on how many sessions are required. A single session is sufficient to cover a single patch of baldness. 

However, numerous sessions will be necessary if you need covering all over your head and are balding in several places. Each session will cost more money than the one before it since more grafts will need to be implanted. Location of hair clinic

Although some states in the US are cheaper than others, they do not have standard hair technicians and dermatologists. Whereas in countries like Turkey, most hair clinics have experienced doctors equipped with skillful techniques to complete the process in a few hours.

Additionally, a clinic's location could incur extra travel and accommodation costs. Although, the cost incurred remains value-for-money.

The reputation of the physician

The doctor's reputation is also crucial when estimating the cost of surgery. They will charge higher than a less skilled surgeon if they have more training and expertise. This is the same everywhere.

Hair transplant technique

Your treatment's cost may vary depending on the surgery performed. For instance, FUE is more expensive because it takes the medical team more time and effort to remove hair follicles from the back of your head to the transplant area. 

In the US, a standard FUE procedure costs nothing less than 4,000 USD for the manual technique and more for the robotics technique. But costs are considerably lower in Turkey, Greece, and Mexico.


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The right concierge services for hair transplant procedures overseas

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