How to Deal with Loss of Confidence Due to Male Pattern Baldness?

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Male Pattern Baldness | Male Pattern Baldness Loss of Confidence

At the age of eighteen, 16% of men begin to experience moderate to extensive hair loss. By age 50, approximately 85% percent of American men have lost a significant amount of their hair— causing them to lose confidence in their looks.

Male pattern baldness affects every aspect of a man's life, including his interpersonal and professional relationships. Although many learn to live with it, they sometimes fail to regain the confidence they had before their alopecia set in.  

If you're on this table, you're in luck. This article explores how hair loss and self-confidence are related. It explains various ways to maintain or regain your confidence while searching for remedies to your pattern baldness.

Overview of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, aka androgenic alopecia, is the progressive decrease in hair growth due to a gradual shrinkage of tiny cavities in the scalp where the hair bases are. 

It occurs when three male factors—age, hormones, and genetics— overlap. Men experience baldness as their hormone levels change with age.
Age and genetic makeup largely determine the extent of male pattern baldness. By 50, half of the white male population will already be experiencing some pattern of baldness, unlike other ethnic groups who are less affected.


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Hair Loss and Self Confidence

Hair is an integral part of our identities. It allows us to express our personality, culture, and individuality. It's not a surprise that many find it difficult to deal with pattern baldness. 

When hair thinning sets in and affects a man's confidence, he sometimes expresses himself differently. A sort of fear emerges and manifests as depression, stress, or deep anxiety about leaving home with his head exposed.

Sometimes, you may perceive yourself as less attractive or feel like you're losing yourself. It's even worse when someone else makes a joke about it.

Here's what to do to reclaim your confidence.

How To Deal with Balding and Self-Confidence Issues

Your ability to feel confident, find love, and enjoy a social life shouldn't get destroyed by your alopecia. 
Dozens of male celebrities are also bald, but they refuse to let it destroy them. You can do the same. Here are helpful tips to keep your confidence.

Embrace your pattern baldness

When you notice your hair shortening or refusing to grow, the first step is to stop being hard on yourself and allow yourself to feel the loss. Make peace with your situation and research to find out if yours can be reversed. 

Embracing your situation is the first step to overcoming the psychological challenge. Once you're sure the cause doesn't have an adverse effect on your health, it's best to accept that it's happening. 

Whenever you look in the mirror, remember that alopecia is just a genetic and hormonal condition. It can only be as difficult as you let it be.


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Get a new style that fits you 

You can switch styles if your alopecia is still in its early stages. The goto style for thinning or receding hairline is a skin fade, quiff, or buzz cut. These styles make your pattern baldness less obvious. 

Another style you can consider is growing your front hair and combing it backward. If your bald spot is at the side, you can cut your hair short on the sides or leave a parting to that side. 

Or you can go the whole length and shave it all off. This way, you may save a ton of time and fees on weekly or biweekly salon trips.
Recently, there have been trends in male wigs. Although this may be more expensive, you can visit a reputable hair stylist to attach a frontal wig and style it appropriately. This way, you can even keep your regular hairstyle.

Learn to compliment yourself

Praise yourself! Congratulate yourself! When you're feeling depressed or sad about your hair loss, focus more on your positive features and recent achievements. 

Each day, think about the things you like about yourself. Make it a habit, and in no time, your self-esteem will significantly improve, and you'll feel more confident about your hair.

If you're finding it hard to think up positive features about yourself, you can find new reasons to be proud. For example, you can learn a new skill, language, or game. The better you perform in these activities, the more confident you'll feel.

Try talk therapy

If you feel yourself sinking into more depression or anxiety, it helps to seek professional help. You're not alone in this; people with pattern baldness often experience waves of anxiety and depression.

Talking to an experienced therapist helps you deal with the surging negative feelings. A mental health professional will help you find comfort and work out the next steps to accept your new identity.

Seek a therapist within your locality, or consider using an online talk therapy service.


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Look for more suitable ways to care for your hair and scalp

When caring for your hair, use better techniques that would slow down your hair loss. Try using a wide-toothed comb to comb/ brush your hair in the opposite direction, away from the balding area.

It also helps to reduce the pressure on your hair follicles by avoiding heat if you have long hair and using a blow dryer. Also, use gentle hair products to style wash and style your hair.

These tips will help you maintain the weak hair strands.

Ask your physician to prescribe medications 

You can treat your male pattern baldness using FDA-approved medications. You can hold off extensive hair loss for as long as possible when you act early. You may even be lucky to find a medication to regrow your bald and thinning spots.

Some of these medications include finasteride and Minoxidil. Finasteride is an oral medication that prevents further hair loss. In contrast, Minoxidil is a topical hair loss treatment that encourages growth.

Have you considered getting hair transplant surgery?

Getting a hair transplant is a fast, sure, and cost-effective way to get over your confidence issues due to baldness. The transplant involves harvesting hair follicles from hairy areas on the scalp and using them to restore bald spots.

The key to getting a perfect hair transplant is doing the surgery while you still have a reasonable amount of hair and using a reputable transplant surgeon. 

Contact Hair Transplant Pro today to book a session with one of our experienced and skillful hair technicians. Our procedures are affordable and you will start looking confident and radiant in no time.

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